Used for everyday cooking on everything! Shake it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Protein, vegetables, eggs- you name it, you can shake these all-natural and keto-friendly seasonings on anything!

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Benefits of Mingle Seasoning

Meet The Mingle Founder - Jordyn

Mingle Seasoning was created in 2016, one Sunday afternoon. I found myself asking the questions, "What's in this? What's in my pantry?" Much to my surprise, I noticed a range of nasties and a whole lot of numbers in one of my favourite products, seasonings. This lead to the thought, "There must be a better way, without compromising taste, time and health." After extensive research and experimenting in the kitchen, Mingle Seasoning was born.


Create a Southern Indian Madras-style in a hurry... and yes without the nasties! Perfect for weeknights, one-pot wonders and something the whole household will love!


Perfect for adding that flavoursome kick to your classic Spag Bol. Better yet, try something different and make anything taste like Spag Bol!

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