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Mingle Seasoning was created in 2015, one Sunday afternoon meal prepping for the week. On this particular Sunday, I decided it was "clean out the pantry" day. So out everything came from the pantry! Not only did I realise half of the things in the pantry had expired ( eww!) but this day I started to read a lot of the labels on the products!

A lot of these products were things I had grown up with and never thought twice to read the label. Being now more health conscious I knew a lot of salt wasn't good for me and neither were fillers, caking agent, preservatives, sugars, vegetable oils and any ingredient with a number! I kept seeing these things from product to product and especially in the seasonings I had been using for years!

" I decided to chuck out 90% of what was in my pantry that day and made a promise to myself that going forward I was only going to flavour my food with things I was 100% confident using. Having little confidence in mass-market products, I decided to experiment in the kitchen with a few spices that Sunday, because after all, who doesn't love tasty food!"

That day, Mingle Seasoning was born, a range of all-natural seasonings that caters to the person who wants to feel naturally confident when flavouring their food. We proudly have created a range of all-natural seasonings that have no nasties and make healthy eating tasty, simple and enjoyable!

Flavour your food with confidence.

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