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Mingle is a gamechanger in your kitchen with our better for you seasonings, recipe bases and sauces now available at Woolworths! You may be wondering why Mingle?


All Natural Dinner Heroes

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Winner, Winner Butter Chicken Dinner!

A rich, smooth, buttery curry that will delight all the senses. Mingle's Butter Chicken will see you saying goodbye to delivery apps and hello to healthy happiness.

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Spag Bol Speedy Style!

So good they'll never forgetti this spaghetti. This mid week hero, just went to the next level.

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Tuck Into This Green Curry

Thai and stop the family from licking their bowls clean. Mingle's Green Curry will have the neighbours green with envy over your weeknight creations.

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All Natural & Saucy

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Why Mingle's Sauce?

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All Natural Seasoning

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