Ingredients + Information - MINGLE MAYHEM EVERYTHING PACK

Furikake Rice Topper Ingredients 
Sesame Seeds, Dried Seaweed, Garlic, Onion, Australian Sea Salt, Coconut Sugar, Soy Sauce Powder, Chilli.
Contains: Sesame, Soy.

Don't be a Jerk Seasoning Ingredients

Onion, Garlic, Coriander, Australian
Sea Salt, Paprika, Allspice, Thyme, Jalapeno, Pepper, Cinnamon, Parsley, Chipotle, Nutmeg, Oregano Extract, Monk Fruit Extract.

Hoisin Rub Seasoning BBQ Ingredients
Onion, Garlic, Sesame Seeds, Australian Sea Salt, Soy Sauce Powder, Chinese Five Spice, Ginger, Mushroom, Olive Oil, Pepper, Chives, Monk Fruit Extract.
Contains: Sesame, Soy

Stock Wow-der Chicken Lick'n Ingredients 

Australian Sea Salt, Natural Flavour, Onion, Yeast Extract [Yeast Extract, Salt], Garlic, Rice Hulls, Turmeric, Basil, Thyme, Pepper Extract

Stock Wow-der Big & Beefy Ingredients
Australian Sea Salt, Natural Flavour, Onion, Yeast Extract [Yeast Extract, Salt], Garlic, Rice Hulls, Cacao Powder, Pepper Extract

Liv's fave Salted Caramel Sweet Topper Ingredients 
Buckwheat, Chia Seed, Oat Flour, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Sugar, Toasted Coconut, Maple Syrup Powder, Pink Himalayan Salt (2.7%), Rice Hulls, Olive Oil, Monk Fruit Extract
Contains: Gluten
May Contain: Wheat and Soy


    Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Sweet Blend Ingredients 
    Peanuts (35%), Oat Flour, Buckwheat, Coconut Sugar, Cocoa Powder (10%), Cacao Nibs (5%), Pink Himalayan Salt, Rice Hulls, Olive Oil, Monk Fruit Extract
    Contains: Peanut and Gluten 

    May Contain: Wheat and Soy

    Jordan's Nan's Apple Pie Sweet Topper Ingredients
    Buckwheat, Chia Seed, Oat Flour, Dehydrated Apple (5.5%), Desiccated Coconut, Cinnamon (5%), Toasted Coconut, Apple Powder (3.5%), Pink Himalayan Salt, Maple Syrup Powder, Vitamin C, Nutmeg, Rice Hulls, Olive Oil, Monk Fruit Extract
    Contains: GlutenMay Contain: Wheat and Soy