Mingle's Mexican Shakshuka

Mingle's Mexican Shakshuka


1 X can of tomatoes (400g)
1 X bunch of coriander (chopped)
Mingle Spicy Mexican Seasoning 
1 X red onion (chopped)
6 X eggs
1 X loaf of crusty bread
1 X avocado (sliced)
1 X chilli de-veined (chopped)
2 X garlic cloves (minced)
2 X diced tomatoes
1 X lime
1/2 X block of feta
3 X tablespoons of olive oil


1. Heat pan to medium heat with olive oil.
2. Add onion, garlic, chilli and capsicum. Cook until tender.
3. Add 2 tablespoon of Mingle Spicy Mexican. Stir to combine.
4. Add diced tomato, canned tomato and 100ml of water. Simmer for 5 mins.
5. Make little wells in the sauce and gently crack eggs into pan over tomatoes in different parts of skillet. Season with salt and pepper.
6. Put pan in oven at 180 C uncovered and cook until just set.
7. Take out of oven. Sprinkle with cheese (we like feta) and coriander.
8. Serve with toasted bread.

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