Mingle's Mexican Baked Salmon

Mingle's Mexican Baked Salmon


4 X pieces of salmon
1 X bunch of coriander (chopped)
1 X lime
3 X tablespoons of yoghurt
1 X bunch of mint (chopped)
1 X chili chopped
2 X garlic cloves (minced)
Mingle Spicy Mexican Seasoning
3 X tablespoons of olive oil



1. Mix coriander, 2 tablespoons of Mingle Spicy Mexican Seasoning, chili, garlic, oil and lime juice into a thick paste.
2. Rub over salmon. Ideally leave for a minimum of 30 minutes covered in the fridge but fine to eat straight away.
3. Put in pan skin side down and flip when skin is crispy. Alternatively bake in oven at 180 C for 10 minutes or to your liking.
4. Make sauce by mixing yoghurt, coriander, mint, salt & pepper.
5. Dress plate with salmon and yoghurt dressing.
6. Serve with Mingle's Mexican Sides.


Mingle's Mexican Baked Salmon ingredients
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