Revie Jane's take on Easy Meal Prep using Mingle Seasoning

Meal prep can be a great way to eat healthy, affordable home-cooked meals throughout a busy week. With simple prep each week you can stock up your fridge and freezer with meals to keep you on track for a healthy week. 

Recently we saw Revie Jane get her meal prep on, using Mingle seasoning to flavour her protein and veggies. 

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing Australians mingle with our all-natural seasonings to make cooking healthy, simple and tasty.

We reached out to Revie and asked her why she mingles? She said:

"My husband and I have used Mingle Seasoning every day for the past couple of years. They keep every meal healthy but add so much delicious flavour! We love Mingle!" Revie Jane

If you want to cook with Mingle Seasoning just like Revie, click here

Check out Revie's Meal Prep video here. 

 Revie also creates some delicious Meal Prep recipes here using Mingle:



Revie Jane Meal Prep

Revie Jane Meal Prep

Revie Jane Meal Prep