And we didn't even know! If you've been someone who has swept up a good ol' Mingle sachet deal at the Warehouse over the last few weeks, luck has been on your side my friend and you hit the jackpot. The Keto community have been going bonkers for it.

So what happened? A large shipment of our delicious sachets snuck across the border without us knowing. As much as we were shocked to hear they landed in The Warehouse we need to see the glass as half full and are happy more Kiwis have had the opportunity to try our product............and at a quarter of the price.

For anyone that got to try Mingle for the first time in NZ, hello, let's Mingle again! 👋 👋 

For any Mingle regulars, that stocked up their pantries, boo yeah, keep Mingling! 👍👍

We do want to say though that going forward this crazy deal won't be happening again and we would love for you to keep supporting us as we continue growing our little business with big plans in NZ. 

We have two amazing NZ stockists who have supported our small business and we want them to continue to grow and flourish.

Although we can't sell our sachets at cray cray prices again, we are working with our partners on limited edition deals to keep bringing healthy, tasty products to your pantry. 

If you want to grab Mingle's seasoning bottles, sachets or Limited Edition Flavours be sure to support the below distributors. These guys will have first to market Mingle flavours and are legendary human beings too.