Healthy Sweet Snack that's guilt free!

Say goodbye to those times when you're searching the pantry for something sugary. Say goodbye to that guilty feeling after you have just devoured a chocolate bar or biscuit and then realised you have just undone all your hard work. 
Say hello to our new kid on the block- Stella who will be your go-to girl when you're craving something a little sweet, but don't want to undo all your hard work!
When the 3pm slump arrives, you now have Stella to keep you on track whilst still satisfying your sweet tooth.  
Perfect to add to yoghurt, Stella will add a flavoursome touch with her natural coconut and cacao blend. 
Here are some of our favourite ways to mingle with our Stella at 3pm with some natural Yoghurt ( make sure there aren't any hidden sugars). We suggest not opting for fruit flavoured yoghurts, even if it’s “real fruit.” This is concentrated sugar and an average serving can contain four teaspoons of sugar.
Yoghurt + Stella + Strawberries: 
Yoghurt + Blueberries + Stella
Yoghurt + Stella + Peaches