• Furikake Rice Topper (100g): Dive into a sprinkle wonderland. Let every bite whisk you away on a savoury fairy-tale adventure, where unicorns dance on umami rainbows. Sprinkle, savour, and let your taste buds frolic in the furikake fantasy!
  • Don't be a Jerk Seasoning (120g): Finally, a reason to make this joke... This seasoning is so bold & full of personality that your guests may think it is Jamaican them crazy! Feel free to use this with your friends!
  • Hoisin Rub Seasoning BBQ (130g): Transport your taste buds to your favourite BBQ pork takeaway spot. This blend is sweet, savoury and sure to cure any late night takeaway cravings. Whether it be a BBQ pork roast, grilled chicken or baked tofu, this explosive flavour is sure to satisfy.
  • Stock Wow-der Chicken Lick'n (140g): here are rumours the colonel himself used this... well not really, but you could imagine it. Add this for a chickeny kick to any meal. Stock powder, more like WOWder
  • Stock Wow-der Big & Beefy (140g): This baby will add rich, beefy flavour to anywhere you want it. Bigger may not be better, but beefier always is!
    Stock powder, more like WOWder!
  • Liv's fave Salted Caramel Sweet Topper (130g): A lil bit salty, a lil bit sweet & a whole lot of fun (just like Liv). This product is a crowd pleaser, the lift of the party, the "vibe" as Liv would say.
  • Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Sweet Blend (130g): Adam is famous for needing his own jar of peanut butter, as he doesn't like to share. This is a peanut butter cup in a bottle.
  • Jordan's Nan's Apple Pie Sweet Topper (130g): Mingle wouldn't be Mingle with out Jords' nan, so we dedicated Mingle's favourite sweet topper to her. This topper is like a warm comforting hug...for your food.