Mingle's Loaded Sweet Potato Rosti

Mingle's Loaded Sweet Potato Rosti


Enough olive oil to shallow fry 
1 X sweet potato (grated)
1/4 X bunch of spring onions (finely chopped)
1 X cup of flour
1 X egg (for mixture) + as many as you would like to egg for brekkie
1 X avocado
1 X cup of parmesan (grated)
1 X tub of cherry tomatoes
Mingle Garlic and Herb Seasoning


1. Grate the sweet potato whole and squeeze out as much moisture as possible.
2. Mix egg, flour, spring onion, parmesan,  3 tablespoons of Mingle's Garlic & Herb Seasoning & grated sweet potato together in a bowl. Form into a ball. 
3. Heat oil and place rosti into pan and flatten. 
4. Flip when brown and crunchy. Remove when ready.
5. Put cherry tomatoes in pan to grill for 10 minutes. In a seperate pan fry egg.
6. Serve the rostis with grilled cherry tomato, avocado and fried egg.

Sweet Potato Rosti Mixing together
Sweet Potato Rosti Adding the mix to the fry pan
Frying the sweet potato rosti in a frypan
Frying the sweet potato rosti in a frypan and adding the cherry tomatoes
Plate up the sweet potato rosti with mingle seasoning garlic and herb sprinkled on avacado