Mingle's Crispy Haloumi Fries

Mingle's Crispy Haloumi Fries


1 X cube of halloumi (cut into chips)
2 X eggs beaten
1 X packet of panko
1 X cup of flour
Mingle All Purpose Seasoning
Enough olive oil to shallow fry chips
1 X lemon


1. Cut halloumi  into chip shapes
2. Mix panko & flour with Mingle All Purpose Seasoning
3. Beat 2 eggs
4. Dip halloumi into flour, then egg and then panko crumbs
5. Heat enough olive oil in a cast iron or heavy based pan to shallow fry your chips. Cook halloumi until crispy on each side.
6. Alternatively, coat lightly with oil and bake in oven.
7. Sprinkle Mingle All Purpose Seasoning over finished product and salt to taste.
8. Finish with a squeeze of lemon juice 

Sweet Potato Rosti Mixing together
Sweet Potato Rosti Adding the mix to the fry pan
Frying the sweet potato rosti in a frypan
Frying the sweet potato rosti in a frypan and adding the cherry tomatoes
Plate up the sweet potato rosti with mingle seasoning garlic and herb sprinkled on avacado