Banana Boats

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This is the PERFECT as an after-school snack for the kids or even for the adults as a super tasty after dinner treat.
These Banana Boats are so versatile that you will never get bored.
Try them for yourself and you’ll see just how easy and tasty they really are.

What you need:
How to make:
  1. Start by grabbing your bananas and peeling them.
  2. Once you have all your bananas peeled, cut them in half, then in half again but lengthwise as shown in the picture.
  3. Then spread your nut butter toppings over the banana slices.
  4. Top with whatever combination you like. Here are some we have done:
  5. Peanut butter, blueberries, passionfruit, Stella Coconut & Cacao Seasoning.
  6. Chocolate Hazelnut butter, raspberries, Stella Coconut & Cacao Seasoning.
  7. Peanut butter, Dark chocolate, Stella Coconut & Cacao Seasoning.
  8. Once you have all your banana halves spread and covered. EAT AND ENJOY
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