Curry in a Hurry, All-Natural Spice Blend

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Wondering what's for dinner? We have you sorted...and it's healthy!

Using Mingle’s healthy spice blends you can whip up dinner within 30 mins! Did you know about 70% of the spice blends/seasonings in the supermarket contain added sugar? Not to mention high amounts of salt!

Mingle is the healthy option that doesn’t contain those nasty ingredients, and is now shaking things up in the supermarket so you can cook naturally and trust what your flavouring your food with is healthy. 


Meet Mingle's Curry In a Hurry 

Create a weeknight curry in a hurry... and yes, without the nasties. Perfect for one-pot wonders, whipped up within 30 mins and something the whole household will love!

Mingle’s Curry in a Hurry is NOW AVAILABLE IN COLES supermarkets. This delicious spice blend is:


Create a Southern Indian Madras-style curry in a hurry... and yes without the nasties. Perfect for weeknights, one-pot wonders and something the whole household will love! Mingle's spice blends are so versatile all year round, that you won't be fixed to just one great recipe. You can constantly change it up depending on the season, like this warm curry chicken salad, it's Mingle's fresh summer take.

How it works:

How Mingle Works for Meal Prep

See how other Aussies are Currying Up their kitchen with @mingleseasoning!! 🍛🍛  #letsmingle


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