Christmas Present ideas with Mingle

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It's that time to be jolly and what better gift than the gift of health, thanks to Mingle Seasoning. Whether it's your mumma, nanna, neighbour, work colleague, bestie or postman pat, if you need a Christmas present, Mingle has you sorted!

See below some of Mingle's tasty suggestions for Christmas. 

1. Talking Cards:

Take the dinnertime banter up a notch with these Mingle Talking Cards. These cards are written with a quirky and fun twist, with lots of juicy questions that will have you leaving the dinner table finding out something new and tasty about the people you are with. These cards will bring laughter, dnms, reflection and overall a good time will be plated up. 

See below some of our customers mingling with Mingle's Talking cards! Grab yours here NOW! 



 2. Value Packs: 

Hook someone up with a Mingle Seasoning cooking set so they kickstart 2020 on a healthy note! Mingle can make anyone look like a Masterchef! All you need to do is simply shake Mingle's spice blends on any protein and or veg and you're guaranteed a tasty meal!


3. Sachet packs: 

Mingle has launched a range of sachets that are perfect for weeknight one-pot wonders! Grab a value pack for someone for Christmas and they can be set up to make delicious, tasty and fuss-free meals. 

Mingle's flavours include Butter Chicken, Taco, Curry in a Hurry & Spag Bol.  

Follow the below cooking equation and you will have a delicious, tasty meal whipped up in no time!  

Here are some of tasty creations using Mingle's sachet blends to get those taste buds going! Now it's your turn! Winner, winner chicken dinner!




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